Nuyo City

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Nuyo City was founded in 2013. It is settled in Northern California, just north of Sacramento. The population is a mix of American (20%), Japanese (70%), and Latin American (10%).


The city is medium sized with around 8,000,0000 people inhabiting it. However, the city is very densely populated with about 20,000 people per sq/mi.
With a such a high amount of Japanese native citizens, the majority of the city resembles a typical city in Japan. High rises, narrow city streets, and an abundance of kanji written in flashing neon signs.
The city is mainly comprised of high-rise, low rent apartments and small businesses. The streets are always packed with people, small cars and bikes, and street vendors. Smoke and steam from small grills or air conditioning units constantly fills the air of the main streets. Due to the geographic location, most days are rainy with little to no breaks in the cloudyness.

Nuyo City

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